Art Glass as a form of creative expression

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When making design decisions related to glasswork, please contact our specialists who can turn an object that seems rather mundane into a work of art glass. Our artisans know how to use this material as the artistic medium. Glasswork is essentially processing of refined sands under extreme temperatures and creating objects in the process. Weather the outcome will be stain glass art or a fused bowl, the process of creating a solid objects out of melted substance is always fascinating.

Mental Space for working with designer glass

Creators of glass art for sale have been found throughout history and many of their pieces still exist today. When you speak to these artists you will find that many see spiritual depth in the pieces they create. Many say that the creation becomes an extension of their personalities and though many of the designs they make may look simple. Artists never know when they will become inspired to create and they never know when the creation will creep into their subconscious. When a vision of a project enters their mind they work to produce a visionary piece that makes the viewer of the finished project truly contemplate what the artist was trying to convey.

 From art on glass to working deep with the medium

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Some centuries ago glasswork meant mostly adding hues into the texture of the medium to produce various stains then heat treat them into the surface. Also craftsmen painted objects on the surface for various religious offerings. In a sense glasswork was not really an art then, but more of a craft to express visuals. It is changing rapidly nowadays, where material itself becomes part of the presentation. Often times panels will be textured by sandblasting and deep carving and the designs and images would be applied after. Thus the medium needs to be prepared and match the artwork that you decide to apply to it.

Sandblasting and carving

To help create depth and intrigue in the piece, another process can also be used: from drawing on the panel to altering the texture and depth. We have a team of experienced craftsmen; many of these world known artisans studied the art of making glass in Europe and bring tradition into the contemporary industry space. This procedure can give you the appearance of an object and make piece stand out when worked properly with art glass lightingArt glass is not necessarily only used for a gallery. There are also very practical applications for decorative paneling that are also fully customizable. Many businesses can incorporate this new medium into the business designs. This type of designer signage could be used to show off a logo of the company or perhaps as a centerpiece for the business’s lobby. Many times businesses use glass dividers that can help to keep the area feeling light and yet have separate private sections. Find out how you can incorporate this unique material into your office or home and contact our experienced team for an advice!