Art Glass By Function

View our product page at Palace of Glass to see art glass function in modern interior design and contemporary decorative glass trends!

Palace Of Glass is a provider of high-end architectural art glass products based in Northern California. Our fine art glass paneling is designed and created by a team of the world‰s best craftsmen, interior and graphic designers, glass experts in the variety of styles of design and production, quality assurance and packaging managers.

On this page we organized our glass products by types or functions in application of interior design. We hope that you can get inspired by the wide range of possibilities and combinations of different glass product that can create continuous and consistent interior for your project.

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Etched Deep Carved Glass

Stacked Glass

Bend Glass

Laminated Glass

Glass Table Tops

Shower Doors

Glass Tiles

‰Cracked Ice‰ Glass

We will be happy to customize any existing design that you see in our catalog

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