Art Glass By Design

Palace of Glass style of decorative art glass is produced out of a flat piece of prefabricated glass that is carved and stained by enameled paints. Custom developed process Decoralex (TM) allows our artisans to combine carving of the outlines of images with the coloring afterwards. As a result textures of the images are not merely drawings on the glass but dimensional textures.

Details such as figures and background textures could be applied later by enamel paints and then heat treated to absorb the coloring into the textured surface of the glass.

In our company we do not use any lead related products, all our enameled based paints are environmentally friendly. We also do not combine product from different pieces, but use one solid panel on which we then carve different designs and elements. That makes this architectural product much stronger, safer, and better looking. We think this is a better alternative to many glass needs.

We will be happy to customize any existing design that you see in our catalog

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