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As a world leader in art glass production Palace of Glass offers unique and easy opportunities to enhance and beautify your home or business. Tailored mostly to design and builder industry professionals our team of artisans is passionate about bringing to life glass projects of practical size, please contact us for requirements and discounts!

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Etched Deep Carved Glass

Stacked Glass

Bend Glass

Laminated Glass

Glass Table Tops

Shower Doors

Glass Tiles

‰Cracked Ice‰ Glass

Palace of Glass style of decorative stained glass is produced out of one flat piece of pre-fabricated flat glass that is carved and stained by enameled paints. Custom developed process Decoralex (TM) allows our artisans to combine carving of the outlines of images with the coloring afterwards. As a result textures of the images are not merely drawings on the glass but dimensional textures.

Produced on order, each piece is distinctively deep-carved or cast and, if desired, painted with special enamel based paints, resulting in striking three-dimensional creations.

Details such as figures and background textures could be applied later by enamel paints and then heat treated to absorb the coloring into the textured surface of the glass.

In our company we do not use any lead related products, all our enameled based paints are environmentally friendly. Many products are manufactured out of recycled materials.

We will be happy to customize any existing design that you see in our catalog

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