Order Glass Table Top

When ordering glass table it is important to consider several points:

– First decide on the overall size and shape of the table: it can be any shape you need it, round, oval or special shaped. Below is a quick reference for several options on shapes of custom glass tables.

– Next consideration would be the thickness. Interior designers are often tend to get thicker tables, going up to 1” thickness. It is not recommended to making glass table that is less than 1/2” thick. Below is the most commonly used standards for glass thickness.

– Decide on the edges of the glass, the sides of the table will be visible and therefore it is important that you select the style of finishing for the edge, that will fit your need and style. Some ideas on most common glass edges below, contact Palace of Glass advice on deciding what style of edging fit your designer glass installation.

Types of Glass edges for tables

Please visit our FAQ for visual help on selecting the right beveling and edges for you. Here is a quick visual reference for the types of glass table edges that exist, contact to confirm availability of particular style per selected design when ordering with Palace of Glass.

– Safety: please make sure that the investment you are making will meet the safety standards and be either tempered or laminated. Several layers of glass can be laminated together to create amazing thickness for glass countertops, sometimes that becomes a practical decision.

Custom Glass Cabinet Doors

It is often seen that for production of Glass for table tops clear prefabricated flat glass sheet is cut and turned into a kitchen countertop or as cabinet glass doors.

Consider an elegant solution for your next custom glass project by combining certain elements of the carved glass paneling into a theme for your interior.

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