Glass Tables Tops

Elevate your interior with custom glass table tops! There are many practical points to consider when ordering glass products. Our team of designers and glass experts is here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring you get a table that’s not just a piece of furniture but a work of art that communicates the style and brand guides of your project.

These custom tailored and produced on order glass pieces will flow seamlessly with your furniture, glass doors or partitions while serving as a canvas for creativity and modern style. Whether you prefer an elegant, modern look or a traditional feel, custom glass table tops can be tailored to match your unique vision.

etched glass table top custom desings
Etched glass table tops with custom creative designs.

So, let’s explore how you can customize glass table tops, from size and thickness to edge finishes and innovative designs, logos or prints, and discover their transformative impact on your home or office decor.

Whether you in search of practical custom glass table covers or dream of artistically etched vanity top with borders, join us on this educational journey to unlock the enchanting world of custom glass table tops.

Custom Glass Table Tops Specifications
Customization Parts Options
Glass Production Types
Clear, Etched, Cast
Glass Thickness
12MM (1/2″) – 24MM (1″)
Shapes Square, Rectangle, Oval, Custom-Shape
Safety Glass
Annealed(Standard), Tempered (Safety Glass), Laminated ( Safety Glass)
Glass Edges  Curve, Circle, Rounded, Custom

Glass Thickness and Size

When it comes to custom glass table tops, size is essential. Standard sizes are often readily available, but for special projects you need a custom solution for a table top suitable to your interior for a truly customized and signature look. 

Custom-sized glass table tops from Palace of Glass are tailored to your specifications, ensuring a perfect fit for dining, coffee, or large conference office tables. Our production team will work closely with designers to create consistent and stylized presence throughout hospitality or restaurants developments. Say goodbye to uncomfortable tops; it’s a new era of a seamless, polished, and customized finish.

table glass tops thickness recommendations
Recommended thickness for table glass tops.

Consider opting for thick glass table tops, especially for larger pieces. Thicker glass adds a touch of luxury and provides enhanced sturdiness and resilience. The thickest flat glass available for tables is about 1″, if you need something thicker consider cast or slumped glass vanity tops. Another way to add structural integrity to a long glass top is to laminate several pieces together.

Glass Edges and Finishing

Most glass tops will come with standard bevels. Specialty beveled edges are offered to those seeking a touch of elegance. The artistic bevel adds a subtle, decorative touch to the edge of your table while maintaining an elegant, modern look.

Variety of choices for custom table top edges and finishing.

Consider if you want the corners of your table to be curved or have a sharp edge look? Rounded edge tables manifest a classic charm in the room. Whether you prefer a slight curve or a full circle, rounded edges add safety, soften the look of your table, and create a comfortable, welcoming atmosphere. If you create a bevel make sure you specify how deep is the bevel from the edge of the table.

Glass Tables Beveled Edges
Glass Tables Beveled Edges

Custom Cut Glass Table Top Shapes

Beyond the traditional custom cut glass, table tops offer endless possibilities for creative shapes. Round glass table tops create a sense of unity and are perfect for smaller dining areas.

custom cut glass table top options
Variety of options for shapes or custom cut glass table tops.

Consider oval, square, or custom shaped tables for an unconventional space or as a unique interior accent and focal point.

Additionally, creativity shines with custom shapes like kidney-shaped, S-shaped, or boat-shaped glass table tops. These designs can turn your table into a work of art, making it a unique and luxurious part of the interior in any room.

Custom Etched Glass Top

Customized etched glass table tops are a testament to artistry and craftsmanship. These intricate designs can be customized to your affinity, adding a personal touch to your furniture and environment.


From delicate patterns to bold statements and brand logos, etched glass table tops can transform your space, bringing additional energy and ambiance.

custom crackles ice table top for kitchen
Custom Crackles Ice Table Top For Kitchen

With our team of glass experts and designers, you can explore the world of custom-colored glass table tops for a vibrant and playful look. Painted and textured glass options are also available, allowing you to create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personality and style.

Yellow Custom Glass Table and Glass Mural
Yellow Custom Glass Table and Glass Mural

Glass Table Usage

We know different occasions or rooms need tailored designs. Elevate your dining experience with a custom glass dining table, whether is spacious room or a getaway Vila near the sea.

custom glass top for dining table

As always, stylish tables provide a stunning aura for your meals or meetings and create an open and refreshing ambiance. The transparent and reflective surfaces of the glass create a spacial feeling and vibe that helps natural light to saturate the entire space.

custom glass top for coffee table
Custom glass top design for small coffee table.

Whether it’s a custom glass top for your desk coffee table or office interior, we have fantastic creativity that can make an extraordinary and modern look for special occasions. 

Table Top Glass Protection and Maintenance Tips

Consider using a custom glass table as a protector to keep your table in the best condition. Mostly from scratches, loss of shine of the wood table, or even from pouring various liquids or drinks.

Our durable glass can protect you from undesirable incidents and create a unique elegance for your table. We offer options depending on your needs and table type, such as glass thickness, finish, or other preferences to protect the actual glass top.

custom glass table protector and maintaince at home
The glass table top protects your table with proper maintenance.

Cleaning and maintaining your glass table top is simple. A smooth wipe with a glass cleaner will keep it sparkling. Just remember to handle it with care to avoid unnecessary damage.

Glass Table Top Replacement

In the unfortunate event of damage to your glass table top, don’t worry—replacement is an option. When accidents happen, we have your design ready to use and produce a new one to restore your furniture to its former glory. For fixing scratches and chips consider contacting your local Glass and Mirror shop who will send a technician to polish the glass surface.

Wondering about the table top replacement cost? Replacement usually it’s more affordable than you might think, because we will save a lot of time on crafting the art. However, it depends on how many customizations it has; nevertheless, we will give you the best offer.

Tempered Glass Table Top

When considering a glass table top, it’s crucial to understand the benefits of tempered glass versus the standard annealed option. Tempered glass is more durable and safer, as it shatters into small, dull fragments when broken, minimizing the risk of injury.

In comparison, annealed glass breaks into sharp, hazardous shards. However, our custom tempered glass table tops not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your furniture but also provide a safe and stylish surface. Another way to meet safety standards is to laminate several glass layers into one table top.

So, in conclusion, always consider laminated or tempered glass for longevity and safety. Elevate your home or office decor with our high-quality, customizable glass table tops that combine sophistication with practicality. Our team of designers will be happy to assist you with the entire process and will work hand in hand with the production team to deliver your order on time and to the best quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to cut a glass table top?

The cost of cutting a glass table top depends on the size, thickness, and shape you desire. Is it tempered or laminated? What kind of bevel on the edges?

Do you want an iron-free white glass, or just ok with the greenish color of the glass? Customization may come slightly higher, but the perfect fit is worth it.

How do you pack and ship glass tables? Do you ship nationwide?

Yes, as part of our production package we offer professional packing and crating of your glass products. We will cover the glass surface in several layers of protective plastic and then pack them inside a custom build A-frame crates. Before shipping to your destination we will offer you an option to select carrier, additional insurance, request fork lift or arrange for indoor delivery if needed. Once you will confirm those details, the costs of logistics will be added to your final invoice.

We do ship internationally and have many satisfied clients worldwide!


Can you get a glass cut for the table top?

Absolutely! Custom-cut glass table tops are ready to be produced based on your specific needs and specifications. We require a 35 SQF minimum order.

Is it OK to put a glass top on a wood table?

Yes, it’s a great way to protect and enhance the beauty of your wood table. Just ensure the glass is appropriately sized and secured.

Can you replace the glass top on the table?

No we do not provide services of replacing damaged glass, damaged glass tops can be replaced by your local glass and mirror shop, they offer a cost-effective way to revitalize your furniture or buy a replacement.

How thick should table top glass be?

The ideal thickness depends on the size and purpose of your table. Thicker glass is recommended for larger tables for added durability. Typically not thicker than 1″ unless it is a countertop that uses thicker glass by design,

Can I get a table with an electrical socket or charging station?

Custom glass table tops can be designed with built-in features like electrical sockets or charging stations for added convenience. You should plan ahead for the table to have the hole drilled big enough so that the correct hardware could be used. Consider 1MM additional tolerance for the socket diameter if it is a laminated glass, as layers sometimes overlay each other slightly differently.

We would provide you a detailed sketch of the positioning of the holes and deliver a photo report, once you table is made.

Glass Table Sketch Electric Outlet
Glass Table Sketch Electric Outlet

Where to buy a glass table top?

Most of the time, we focus on customized art glass table tops. However, we will do our best to offer you a solution that suits your needs best, even for standard options. We work mostly on a larger scale projects and cater to architects, designers and custom builders. If you are just in need to order a coffee table glass replacement there are online stores that can ship glass to you the same day. Our production and design cycle is centered around working with architectural specifications and sometimes takes a month to complete.

In conclusion, at Palace of Glass, we offer a world of possibilities for enhancing your living or working spaces. From personalized size and shape to intricate designs and durable finishes, these versatile additions can elevate your decor and provide functionality.

Ready to transform your space with a custom glass table top? Contact us today for a free consultation and estimate.