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Welcome to Palace of Glass virtual showroom! Few things to keep in mind regarding the process of placing your order:

  • We custom produce glass on order and will need you to provide us dimensions. We can provide a quote based on the SQF of your order and the style of production required. There is a 30 SQF minimum per order, which can combine several units of glass.
  • You can choose one of our designs or provide us reference for the style, design or texture. Our on site designers will adjust the shaped and colors if needed.
  • Once the order is placed we will provide pre-production sketches for your confirmation that will outline the carving and texturing of the glass panels and show dimensions.
  • We will update you with the status production and send photos of your completed order and then another set of glass packed and crated, ready to be shipped to your destination.
  • Your order will be shipped from our warehouse in the San Francisco Bay Area to your destination via common freight carrier like Fedex Freight or UPS Freight. We will confirm options with you and schedule the shipment, then add the cost to the balance payment.

For your convenience, we have organized our showcases of custom glass based on the types of applications used, aiming to help you find the necessary references more quickly.

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    Welcome to our collection of articles exploring the fascinating world of custom glass products. From etched and carved glass to acid etched glass paneling and stacked glass, these articles delves into the diverse applications and techniques used to create stunning and unique glass pieces.

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    Discover the artistry and craftsmanship behind decorative glass products as we explore the intricate designs and patterns that can be achieved through various methods. Whether you’re interested in learning about the delicate art of etching and carving on glass surfaces, the transformative effects of acid etched glass paneling, or the mesmerizing beauty of stacked glass creations, this collection offers insights and inspiration for those fascinated by the endless possibilities of art glass. Join us on this journey as we delve into the world of custom glass and uncover the exceptional beauty and versatility that this medium has to offer.


    Reviews of PALACE OF GLASS on YELP

    We were remodeling our master bathroom and decided to install a big glass piece in the center of the wall instead of tiles. Palace of Glass provided us with amazing design ideas and gave a very quick estimate over the phone. They were very friendly, knowledgable, and answered our questions. We took a couple days to think about price and do some comparison. We ended up ordering glass mural with picture of my favorite painting. So we completed our order over the phone and approved sketch by email. The mural looks beautiful. I’m so glad I found them!

    2nd Place for DESIGNER GLASS category
    by American Glass Association,
    Los Angeles, CA

    Reviews of PALACE OF GLASS on ANGIE’s LIST

    I needed 25 pieces of semi transparent textured bend inserts to finish my client’s project. For my last project I needed 25 pieces of semi transparent textured bend inserts. Palace Of Glass provided preproduction sketches displaying the different styles of pattern layout. My client choose to manufacture a sample first and Palace Of Glass delivered expedited production. Sample really helped to make final decision even though it was not cheap!!! The order was delivered timely, and detailed photos were provided by the factory including the shipping crates and the cut outs for hinges. Would order again!

    Reviews of Palace of Glass on HOUZZ

    I was looking for a place to make three exterior windows treated into some decorative solution as all of them were exposed to the neighbour house. I found Palace of Glass product at our local glass shop on display. I called them and Alex returned my initial call promptly. He estimated a fair price over the phone and the cost turn to be less than the stained glass quotes from the local shops. We ended up doing 3 exterior windows in the bathroom and an interior door with the matching design. I took some pictures of all panels when the order arrived. I will also take pictures of installed panels after I finish remodeling completely. I would recommend them.

    Winner of the SGO convention award in the category:

    “Best ETCHED and CARVED Glass DESIGNS”.

    SGO of Orlando John Huggins featuring Palace Of Glass products

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    Palace of Glass takes glass design to a custom level by offering high-end
    architectural glass products that are custom made and designed by artisans, not machines
    RDB Magazine

    Reviews of Palace of Glass on Facebook for Business

    We ordered some transparent acid etched transition window insert and were satisfied with the quality and lead time. Glass panel came in time and as seen on the website! People on the phone were polite and knew a lot about styles of glass. I’m very happy with my order!