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Palace of Glass is a custom glass manufacturer. We make glass on order according to the customers need. We offer Deep Carved, Cast and Stacked Glass product lines.

Deep carved glass is a specialty designer glass made through finely detailed sandblasting on prefabricated flat glass. The artist carves one side into three dimensions, leaving the opposite side smooth. You can choose to have the artistic carving forward or backward facing. The art glass is then intricately painted with airbrushed enamel. All designs may be backfinished in any selective areas or across an entire piece to provide opaque or translucent effects.

Cast Glass is an art glass type made by heating glass to a high temperature, and as the glass melts it conforms to a mould. Both sides of cast glass carry the design whereas Deep Carved Glass normally has carving on one side only.It is then hand painted with enamel and can also be opaque or transparent.

Stacked Glass consists of many layers of precisely placed glass stacked and deep-carved to form a three dimensional sculpture.It can be either a free standing sculpture, mounted to walls, floors, stands or banisters.


No. All our designs are hand carved and hand painted by skilled artisans.
We work from 3/20″ (4 mm) to 1″ thick (25 mm)
We use enamel based paints that are airbrushed over the carved textured surface.
Our standard painting process is thickly layered airbrushing. We can also bake the paint on the glass on request.


Yes. Due to the hand-crafted nature of our manufacturing process, our artists render your source artwork as closely as possible. Smaller sized pieces can only accommodate a certain level of detail.
Yes. Any of the Palace of Glass designs can be scaled up or down. Sections can be taken.
Yes. If you want to have custom colors, we require you to submit a color sketch, digital picture or physical sample to illustrate your desired changes. For complex adjustments, custom processing fees may apply.
Yes. Deep carved glass can be bent. Some Cast Glass cannot be bent.
Holes and shapes can be made according to customer supplied templates.
Yes. Both sides of the glass can be textured.
Palace of glass products can be used in both interior and exterior applications. Exterior applications carry a limited warranty due to unpredictable environmental conditions.
Yes. All of the Deep Carved can be tempered. Some varieties of Cast and Stacked glass cannot be tempered.
Yes. We can laminate glass on the un-carved smooth surface.
Yes we can create insulated units using Deep-Carved panels.


Palace of Glass is a glass manufacturer. We do not offer installations.Please refer to our contact page for a list of installers, or contact us to find one in your area.
We sell to the public through distributors where available.Contact us if you cannot find a distributor nearby.
Yes. We ship to anywhere in the world.
No. We ship from California calculated based on weight and dimensions.
We custom make wooden crating to fit your package with thick rubber padding inside to protect your glass.
Yes.Please contact us to get a quote based on the size of your order.
We ask for a 50% Deposit upon placing an order. The additional 50% is required before shipment from our California warehouse to your destination.


Manufacturing takes 8 to 12 weeks depending on scale of the order. Expedited orders can be processed within 2 to 3 weeks.
Yes. Once you have placed an order, you can request to receive a black and white outline draft of the piece from the artists.
We offer two types of samples, High resolution photographs, or physical Glass pieces.Physical glass pieces require a $250.00 fee, and take 7–10 business days to manufacture.
For interior Applications we offer a 2 year limited warranty.
You can get a refund up to 48 hours after placing your order. You can receive 50% up to one week. No refunds will be issued after one week.