Frameless glass in applications

In contemporary world stand alone transparent media used in many different architectural solutions: walls, partitions, showers and even stairs. Frameless glass became the style of trendy architecture with the use ranging from structural elements of buildings to stylish structured out of stacked glass. Frameless glass shower enclosures became widely available and used within the last decades, when the fabrication of the sheets of glass became possible. Here at Palace of Glass we offer the latest from the industry trend and can advise you on frameless shower glass applications.


Styles of Enclosures by Production

Custom Shower Doors
Custom Shower Doors

Most popular styles of frameless glass showers will include cast or slumped and carved or etched glass. The first one is made out of sheet of silica melted over a mold in a process called slumping. The other style is made out of prefabricated sheet glass that is then carved by sandblasting, the process of shooting very fine sand onto the smooth surface. The first process makes the texture that if less predictable but more artistic looking, it is good for certain applications. We find in recent years trends seems to shift to carved surfaces, that allow more artistic expression and much more versatile in final look of the product.

Transparency as a trend in style

Glass becomes increasingly popular medium in modern day design. It is rare to see a contemporary building without some transparent walls or partitions being introduced on exterior or interior of the building. For many frameless sliding glass shower doors became a way to combine a practical need with the desire to take part in the creating environment around yourself. Our design team can come up with custom designs and help understand feasibility of your project.


Mounting frameless glass

Most often we find that designers like to mount glass paneling on the stand offs, mounted on the wall on the metal brackets that would go through the depth of the panel and come out on the front side of installation. Not always desired look in terms of seeing the system of suspension, but there are ways to hide and make the brackets look as part of the design.  Glass has unique ability to let the natural lighting in, but at the same time serve the function of dividing the space, absorbing the noise and serving the privacy. Glass shower doors frameless is also simple to maintain and clean. Since it does not have any metal grooves supporting it, dirt and debris do not accumulate there. Walls and partitions become attractive by the neat and clean look that they offer. Transparent partitions without the framework around them become the popular way to create instant privacy in a work or home space. Slabs of prefabricated glass are connected together with some hinges and then fixed to the floor or ceiling by some metal brackets for safety. Stacked glass can be glued together by UV type of adhesive.


With frameless consider safety twice

We recommend that all installations be either tempered or laminated. In case of breakage tempered panel will collapse into small non sharpened pieces, laminated glass will not fall apart and will remain in one place. Laminated panels has tendency to get a little heavier, since two pieces are being connected together, but probably a safer solution for your project.

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