Glass Backsplash: Installation and styles overview

Glass backsplash is an easy and affordable way to instantly enhance your kitchen or bathroom design, numerous design magazines has been recently saturated with the fashionable presentations, and among those kitchen glass backsplashes are really an eye catchers!

Glass backsplashes are an easy and affordable way to instantly enhance your kitchen or bathroom design; when inserted among tiles they immediately become a centerpiece of your interior.

Functional and trendy looking

glass backsplash kitchen solution

Glass becomes the material of the choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to clean and it often withstands certain temperature and moisture. To create such a panel our artisans carve it on the back, leaving the front surface smooth and unaltered. Then, the panel is heat processed to make it “ tempered”, and after that painted with pattern, picture, or solid color. The carved side normally facing the wall thus protecting the pattern and paint.

Still Life Decor
Still Life Decor

How to install?

It is important to decide how you will be installing the solid glass backsplash before ordering it. Our production team can cut holes for installing it on the metal standoffs or it may be framed into metal or glued to the wall. If decided to glue to the wall, please consider using specialty non-acidic glue or silicon for use with the mirrors. Since the backsplash is painted from the back, paint will interact with the glue or silicon and may change colors. Mirror silicon is created with non-acidic base to not damage the silvering of the mirrors. Most often our client choose to use metal stand offs for installation.

Designer Walll Panel PGC251
Designer Wall Panel PGC25

 Production house for contemporary ideas

Palace of Glass provides over 300 different glass backsplash ideas and patterns that could all be customized and transferred to your interior to create an instant sensation. All our products are made on order and can be customized as needed: designs can be changed or altered, colors can be adjusted per provided swatches. Our specialists will work with you on providing outline sketches to show you a preproduction view on how the finished product will look like. Colors can be matched using swatches from common manufacturers.

Nature In Glass
Nature In Glass

We specialize in hand crafting and painting our panels, but we are not printing images with the machine printer. Some clients choose solid colors, some like variety of elements in their interior.

Murals for Hotel Entrance
Carved Glass Columns and Murals for Hotel Entrance

 Our company uses deep carving, acid etching, and grinding to create award winning design solutions. Choose from our existing library of designs or create your own concept and have us transfer that into glass. We are looking forward to hearing from you about your next designer project!

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