Options and some hints on Glass Door ordering

Contemporary glass doors come in different styles and fashions but mostly can be divided into following categories.

Divided by style of appearance and frame

Laminated Glass Door OMC_115
Laminated Glass Door OMC_115

Framed wooden or steel door will have an opening where some custom glasswork is being inserted. The trend is to call them glass craft doors, despite the fact that they situated in the metal or wooden frame. The other style will be made out of slab of fabricated paneling without any framing around it. More commonly seen bathroom glass doors in the shower and bathroom environment. Such design will contain metal hardware and installation openings (cut-outs for hinges and door handles) on the surface. Laminated panels also becoming popular in use as glass front doors and are favored by many for the reasons of safety and strength. Special hardware becomes available from many manufacturers. When combining several sheets into one unit consider the overall weight of the panel and see appropriate hardware.


Contemporary developments of the industry

In recent years, with the advent of motorized doors, a new style of fashionable glass doors entered the market. Featuring combinations from two to many, sections can easily open on a click of a button and instantly create cozy environment in your home or workspace. Some variety feature complex units telescopically folding in and out and sliding to a complete open space without any frames visibly remaining on entrance. It is common to see the folding walls bent under a radius to create special curved appearance. Some prefer to leave the surfaces clear and transparent, others choose options to create designs and patterns on their installations. Our artisans can help you understand how to order and choose from numerous patterns and styles available in our catalog. Any design can be scaled or resized as needed as all work is hand created by world class craftsmen.


Interior use of partitions

Deep Carved Glass Design "Drop"
Deep Carved Glass Design “Drop” pga104

Some other common use of interior glass doors includes patio, pantry, kitchen cabinet, and fireplace screens. When ordering custom paneling our team will help you consider several important points:

  • make sure you are clear on the transparency of the pattern you choose for your project. Panels can be completely clear, semi transparent or opaque. Please see our website FAQ for samples of difference.
  • It is important to order your products as a “safety glass”, meaning it will come either tempered or laminated.
  • Make decision on the hardware you will use for the project beforehand and provide necessary cut out templates to insure it  will be furnished with the proper hardware.
  • If you are using the glass for in insert as glass pantry door or kitchen cabinet make sure you include some extra spacing required for securing and installing panel into the opening.

Our design house specializes in providing quality services in manufacturing variety of architectural glass products. All dimensions, shapes and colors can be adjusted per your specification. We can cut holes for handles and cut outs for hinges. Feel free to contact us for more details via online chat or by calling us directly.

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