Shapes and Styles of glass sculpture

Photo№1 - Glass Sculpture SC102

Modern glass sculptures never cease to amaze. Transparent mediums has become one of the most preferred materials for creating aesthetic pieces. Modern sculptors seem to be fascinated by the flexibility of glass sculpture and the many creative opportunities it provides.

From tradition to modern day

Traditionally sculptures used hard materials such as wood, metals, stone, and marbles to create portraits of concrete objects. Some sculptors have also experimented with materials such as fabric, rubber, and clay.  Nonetheless, skillful sculptors take out great masterpieces regardless of the materials they use. All sculptors need to do is apply the appropriate cutting techniques and tools, and the results would be nothing less than breath-taking artwork.

Although ancient sculptors have experimented with the silica, for many years stone was the main material in creating sculptures. In contemporary world glass has become the “in thing” for many modern sculptors. The possibilities of what one can make with this substance have also increased.  A glass sculpture can take any form or shape. Instead of merely cutting pieces of medium to create a figure or form, advanced masters take into consideration the elements of composition. Hence the word “sculpture” can also be used to refer to an artwork made by a combination of lights or moving water or other unusual materials.

How to understand sculptures by production styles

Divided by application of sculptures collection, we can say that the two major categories would be cast glass sculpture and stacked installations.The first one is done by melting hot silica into a mold, and often slumping it on a flat furnace over a ceramic surface. Second style is created out of many layers of glass glued together into forms and shapes. There is also blowed glass, done by applying air onto heat treated silica. Hot texture will yield to air pressure and transform into interesting shapes. In recent decades a major style of this kind of abstract glass sculpture got introduced into the world of interior design.

Stacked glass wall sculpture

Photo№2 - Glass Sculpture SC103

Our team of designers has a lot of experience in the field of creating glass wave sculpture using the technique of stacking the layers of transparent medium together. By calculating size of each layer precisely artist can create smooth surfaces and even a complete smooth sphere with no visible seams between sections.

Textured panels as the style of sculpture

Our team of crafted designers mastered the art of carving panels into amazing creations of handmade art. Since working with transparent medium allows you to choose which side to expose as the front, sculpture created by deep carving sandblasting a truly striking! Decorative wall paneling commonly used to depict historical figures or tell stories. But skillful sculptors can also use glass to make abstract forms or shapes that does not necessarily represent a human figure but represent the mood, feelings, or creative spirit of the artist. Our online catalog contains hundreds of designs and themes both specific and abstract. To create the perfect atmosphere in your home or office building please contact design team at Palace of Glass in California.