Decorative Glass Stairs: Making one step at a time

In recent years transparent mediums and especially glass stairs  became a trendy commodity and many leading designers approaching manufacturers to find new places to utilize this specialty product.

Image of spiral glass stairs design in contemporary hall
Glass stairs design

Modern spiral stairs

Image of glass stairs in spiral shape
Glass stairs spiral design

Our team sees increasing interest in using spiral stairs in new award winning installations and projects. The most fascinating space in the modern glass stairs production are balustrades and flooring.

Glass stairs have advantage in maintenance as they require simple cleaning and various supplies can be used without concern of damaging the design. Our company will help understand your vision and facilitate with the best practical solution. Palace of Glass will help you create consistent look in your interior by creating custom and unique glass staircases and railings.

Safety concerns when ordering

Laminated Glass Stairs

When ordering products please consider safety issues: surface needs to meet safety standards and, in the case of flooring, needs to be laminated. For some cases double lamination is sufficient; however it is recommended to laminate at least 3 layers for stairs and flooring. Each section needs to be tempered as well.

Glass panel stairs are also a great development in the industry where each step is laminated and provide structural support and needed safety for application. Our craftsman laminate up to five layers of glass designing the thickness and look per your requirements.

Another concern is the slippery factor. As we all understand smooth surfaces might become extremely dangerous if slipped on. Spilled liquids are not always visible and can create potential hazard and danger.

If the client chooses some pattern to be visible on the steps or railing around, our artisans will carve and texture the very bottom layer of the step, thus keeping it not exposed to stepping, but at the same time creating visual impression.

As transparent medium allows to see through the layers of lamination, carving and texturing done for visual reasons is better saved on the bottom section of the step unit.

From design concept to execution by a manufacturer

Glass Surface PGB126

Glass stairs railing PGB126
Glass stairs railing PGB126

While the idea of glass for stairs existed for a long time and some

applications were there in the industry before, it is the new styles of stair treads that are etched or carved on smooth surface that make the use of this product practical rather than an awkward design solution.

Our design team will advise on design patterns that can be applied to the surface. Client can choose subtle lines carved on the edge of the unit or they can become some etched patterns incorporated in the concept of the product.

One stop solution for stairs and railings

Our craftsman offer variety of solution in regards to glass stairs design and railings. Our team offers ideas that will make your stairs transparent or with some etching. If client wants to get creative, we will carve and paint patterns, turning your flooring into art presentation.

All our designer products are custom produced on order and can be adjusted as needed; sizes and colors specified, cut per templates provided, create holes and cutouts if needed.

Decorative Art Glass Railing Pattern GC207
Decorative Art Glass Railing Pattern GC207


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