Glass tile and custom backsplash

Glass Tile_100_1946
Glass Tile_100_1946

The use of glass tile is probably one of the first types of interior design that was known to contemporary humanity. People always liked the idea of creating images from existing colored materials that then turned into mosaic decorations. Ceramic and glass floor tile  has been used for centuries and made their way into any construction project these days. People started using colored and stained pieces of ceramics and then gradually developed ability to create large scale stained windows.

Difference between tile and backsplash

In many ways tiles and backsplashes are similar. Essentially backsplash is a large sized panel that has one side colored or textured and the other side attached to the wall or flooring. If you look at many glass tile backsplash pictures you can notice how generally backsplash would be a larger center piece and designer tiles would be surrounding it and supporting visually.

More often we see now how installing glass tile around a center piece brings a touch of customization and personality to your kitchen or bathroom. Some of them can be carved on the front surface, other painted from the back and sealed with a layer of thick paint.


Best ideas on maintenance and cleaning

Glass Tile_100_1946-2
Glass Tile_100_1946-2

Mostly used in the bathrooms and areas where exposure to water is prominent, smooth surfaces give you ability to clean and maintain them at the low cost. Designer texturing been around for some centuries but custom tiling is a relatively new trend in the designer market. In the recent years technology gave us ability to create variations of style and colors textures and manufacture them in quantities needed for larger markets.

Ordering custom glass tiles

When ordering custom work one need to consider:

– Space:   is your intent to make your space appear smaller or larger?  Larger pieces are more often used to make the space appear more spacious. A lot of small parts will create more of a mosaic look. Our team of craftsman at Palace of Glass can custom produce  glasswork of any size: as an insert or backsplash, or as individual small elements shaped by your template.

– Safety: Initial impulse is slippery pieces, since their surface is glossy and attractive, but do consider using specialty surfaces for flooring to avoid accidents.

– Patterns: consider if you want design to be in one solid color, or if you want some element to be in artistic and creative. Carving of the pattern will be done from the bottom of the tile, thus leaving the front surface smooth.

– Installation: we strongly recommend bringing a professional from glass tile store for your installation as there are many specifics that need to be addressed. Pieces need to be installed in an even pattern, using special non acidic silicon or glue is recommended to retain color quality.

Please feel free to consult Palace of Glass design team for all your needs in regards to custom installations. We have hands on experience on how to install glass tile backsplash and will be happy to share that knowledge to make your project a success!

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