Shower Glass: transparent art or practical decision?

There are several main reasons to use shower glass in your bathroom: transparent surface will provide very trendy look and feel to the environment and protect bathroom floor from extra exposure to water. Nothing like specialty of frameless glass will provide unique privacy and yet let the natural light to come into the space. It is also very easy to maintain and clean, using sponges you can easily remove all the unwanted debris from the surface. Glass shower enclosures becoming extremely popular in modern day living!


Doors and panels as continuous art

Oftentime designer will transfer pattern from door and spread it throughout the interior. Repeating designs can be seen in the windows of the bathroom for privacy and then copied in the glass paneling around your bathroom. Themes can vary from tropical leafs and landscapes of imagination to abstract patterns and sandblasted textures. Frameless glass shower enclosures can be done both by casting or sand blasting.


Glass shower panels do not need to be boring

Shower Glass insert PGC196
Shower Glass insert PGC196

Considering most of us will start our days by entering into the shower door, it is important to make it look in an inspiring and appealing to you way. Transparent medium allows you to add a touch of your personality without obstructing functional purpose of things. There are numerous options for doors in today’s architecture, but nothing like frameless sliding glass shower doors will make a statement about the design approach. Sometimes homeowners are concerned about a big glass door opening in and out in the small space. Creating sliding doors can be a perfect solution in that case.


Simple maintenance of your shower

While providing protection from extra water splashed on the bathroom floor, custom shower glass is very simply to clean. More often we see contemporary designers choosing to use doors without metal frames inside the enclosures, preventing soap and mildew accumulation behind the framing.


Creating bend forms in the shower enclosures

Palace of Glass provides varieties of options for the custom shower glass; most popular choices are etched, carved, or slumped glass. We have produced custom stalls  and environments with the enclosure having radius and being bent; we can also cut the holes and hinges as needed. Surface is being carved and tempered first and then slowly heat treated over a frame with a radius.

Safety with smooth surfaces

Bathroom Glass Window with Bublles Design PGC301
Bathroom Glass Window with Bubbles Design PGC301

It is important we talk about safety in the bathroom. For safety reasons we recommend making all shower as “ safety “ standard, meaning it needs to be either tempered or laminated. Glass shower doors frameless usually puts a lot of weight on the hinges, since it does not have a frame to support it and usually comes tempered. Paneling for the sides and windows can be laminated, if you want to protect yourself from accidentally breaking the sides and deal with many small fractured pieces. Tempered panel will shatter into many small pieces but laminated will not, remaining together attached to the clear transparent film in between the layers.

Our design team can help you provide continuous design running between the sections of the installation. Often one theme will start on first panel and them connect different sections of your enclosures into one consistent presentation. Palace of Glass designers can take any of the existing patterns and custom lay them out on the dimensions of the showers needed for your home.  As the part of the production we will provide sketches specifying how each element will be positioned; it will also have an accurate placing of all the cut outs and special shapes needed.

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