Amazing advent of architectural glass

Architectural Glass PGA202
Architectural Glass PGA202

There is a wide variety and styles in architectural glass works these days, spanning from trends of clean and transparent look to fascinating sculptures. In the former years practical use of glass was limited to window applications, contemporary trends mix it with other media or provide solutions never before possible to architectural glass manufacturers. In many different ways architectural medium became extremely popular in the past century creating a new trend in interior design and new style of construction that was possible. If in the beginning of the century the world became fascinated by the structures of steel and concrete, few decades later a new wonder of construction strengths glass paneling that was capable of becoming walls and sometimes even floors and ceilings.

Surfaces and options

With different types of glass products available on the designer market, it is important to understand a few basic facts about surfaces and sides. As architectural glass panels can be faced both ways it is important to consult with your interior designer on which side will carry what function. Carved or etched surface becomes the textured or front side. But since the medium is transparent it can have effect from both sides. As a matter of fact sometimes artisan will create his work in such a way that representation from the smooth side becomes more spectacular.


Dual panel carved glass units

Interesting solution to present glass work was found via medium of installing carved panel inside a dual pane unit. Textured side would be facing the inside of the unit thus creating an interesting visual dimensional effect. This is a perfect idea for installing your LED lighting to create that special looking designer center piece. Often times glass blocks or insulated units will be installed in the flooring sections. Etched strips or textures are recommended for safety concern; our design team can come up with various options on how to make these architectural glass products both appealing and safe.

Edges and Bevels of paneling

When ordering online make sure you select the right kind of edge for your product. Edges need to be polished meaning that corners will be put through a polishing machine that will cut all the imperfections and create smooth “ beveling”. Bevel of glass can be of different styles; with round edges or cut in segments like the corners of diamonds. The thickness or the length of the cutting edge will also determine the look of your glass installation.

Some tips on laminated glass

When laminated, it’s important to see that both pieces exactly match each other in location and the combination of two pieces does not add any extra dimension to the size of panel. If you should decide to drill holes in your glass for installation, you would need to do so before laminating. Once laminated it is not possible to add any additional holes or cut outs to the unit. Cutting to shape or template, drilling holes, making cut outs for hinges, all that needs to be done before sending the piece for tempering or lamination. Carving or etching also recommended to do before. Palace of Glass is a one stop architectural glass company that can help you to understand what options are possible and practical for you. Don’t hesitate to call for a question.

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