Why the use of ceiling glass becomes the trend?

Working with glass ceiling increasingly becomes the trend of urban architecture. Finding a proper house yourself in the current real estate market has become very difficult, even finding a spacious apartment is extremely expensive. The inhabitants of major metropolis cities are always looking for cheaper and easier ways that would help their small apartments appear spacious and well-lit. To meet this need the contemporary architects, interior designers, and decorators have shifted to the trend of incorporating transparent mediums in their designs. Newer and better forms of architectural paneling are used to decorate interiors.

Smooth and transparent surfaces became the prime choice for designers to give the homes a high-tech look. Glass is now not just incorporated into the windows and as mirrors but it has taken over the entire house from ceiling to the floor.

Meeting the needs for structural support

Glass is a very user-friendly material and it can be recycled and reused, so it is more eco-friendly. WIth the development of the industry many new ways appear to make your environment both safe and trendy. With the innovations in design and production architectural paneling can now become as tough and sturdy as any other building materiall. Using transparent mediums in the ceilings and walls really adds height, dimension, and light to your rooms.

We here to help from start to finish

At the production house we cater to all the creative needs of our clients. If you want to add a special feature to your home and lit up the environment with the some glass ceiling, we have all the solutions you need.

From conceptualization to finish we give our clients a variety of options to choose from. They can go for a ceiling made of high-quality clear paneling or a ceiling with a beautiful pattern or serene scene of nature or clouds. Carved designs and panels are also a very popular choice among our clients.

Research shows that people work better under natural light; they tend to happier and more productive. Clear or illuminated mediums in the ceilings allow light to enter the rooms. They will improve the brightness of the environment and make it look more spacious. If used in residential construction, it will enhance the homely feel of your house/apartment.

The glass filters the rays of the sun, and you can choose from our vast types of designs that fits your specific requirements. Incorporating natural lighting effect into the walls and ceilings will decrease the need for artificial lighting in your home and ease the load of heavy electricity bills on our customers.

Historic use of transparent windows

Stained panels are also a good option for walls and ceilings as they incorporate the grandeur and beauty of the stained glass windows in churches into your homes. They allow for beautiful colors and exquisite looks. The image can be a landscape, a complex scene or even an abstract design.

Due to the endless number of options in styles and colors available for etching or carving, our clients have a chance to really personalize their house with innovative alternative to lead and stain. An additional benefit is that unlike clear paneling it does not make dirt noticeable so there is lesser need for cleaning and maintenance. A mosaic made out of colorful tiles can make a very artistic and striking ceiling but will not allow the light to come through and most often seen opaque.

At our production house clients are free to choose any type of pattern for any style of ceiling they want. We will not be helping you with installation, but can advise on the standards and safety requirements.

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