Glass Partitions as functional interior decoration

In most recent years glass partitions are becoming more a trend and an architects choice.  As space becomes more a commodity in demand, glass becomes a medium that brings a needed solution to divide the space while not obstructing the flow of natural light.  Whenever elegant transition is required from one room to another and where the emphasis is on transparent open-plan design, interior glass partitions and flooring can provide an ideal incentive for architectural excellence. Glass wall partitions often welcomed in the business environment since they make communication between the staff much easier at the same time offering privacy of a working environment. Being able to communicate to colleagues through hand gestures will increase the spirits of your company as glass office partitions are a great way to help people not to feel like they will have to spend the whole work day by themselves stuck in the cubicle.

Frameless glass partitions as interior design solution

In some situations you want to create some division in space, but to keep the overall spaciousness of your environment. Great way to do so is by bringing textured and colored mediums into the dynamics and energy of your space.  Choosing some custom designs makes experience even more personal or thematic. Imaging frameless glass partitions decorated with your favorite theme of nature or some pleasing pattern? Our designers will help you understand how to best relate to design concepts and help understand feasibility of different mediums.

Working with bathroom doors

Use of transparent mediums in the bathrooms is advantageous for many reasons. Sometimes it is important to let the light into the shower space but for privacy and to keep water in one space you want to add some enclosure.

Glass bathroom partitions

are perfect solutions for that. You can choose them to be frameless or framed into a aluminum door. Our designers can create custom look to your shower enclosure by carving textures and images into the doors.

Production house for your creative needs

Glass partitions PGC584
Glass partitions PGC584

Our design studio understands about production. We will advise you on all aspects of your project including:

– Custom Design; we will help you select design or pattern for your project or understand how your custom image will get transferred into art.

 Privacy; how the privacy can be adjusted by applying etched, frosted or painted patterns.  We can recommend you how to soundproof your walls if needed using lamination.

Professional Look and Branding: Custom design creates great first impression on your visiting client, we will advise you on how transparent paneling will contribute to clean and warm environment, while reflecting  personality of the company.

Natural Lighting: we will help you create your partitions in such a way that it will allow as much of exterior light to come through. Our art paneling  allow various level of opacity depending on the need of natural light in the space.

All our products can be tempered and laminated. We can customize shaped and create holes for installations. Each order is crafted by artisans and made on order. Contact our production house for everything related to glass design.

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