Stained Glass Restoration: Signs that indicate your windows need attention

Stained glass
is most commonly associated with churches and cathedrals. In modern day, many people choose to install this kind of windows in order to add an aesthetic quality to their homes. However, it is also vulnerable to damage and deterioration. What are some signs that reveal your windows require attention?

Daylight Leaks

This is one of the easiest to spot. Light leaks out form between the lead and panel. It indicates that the lead portion of the panel has aged, enabling the lead-channel and to displace from the window. This will lead to a rapid loss of your window. A good indication of this problem is if you are able to see the edge portion, then you need to repair it immediately.

Improper treatments

When stained glass hits the 75 to 100 year mark, it requires complete lead replacement. This is a very expensive proposition, and unfortunately many studios may offer inexpensive alternative remedies for the problem. Some examples include cleaning, reducing bulges, flattening, adding a support bar, applying false lead over the cracks, and re-cementing. These inexpensive treatments will only further damage the windows, either structurally or cosmetically or both. Within a short time, you will face additional expenses to restore your windows. The only way to repair aged product is lead replacement. By doing so, you will increase the life of your windows by 75 to 100 years.

Deteriorating Frames

Old and worn out frames can add stress to your window. Wooden frames are more prone to pressures such as moisture intrusion, temperature changes, infrequent maintenance, delamination, and poor construction. Poor structural support means the glass will eventually bulge and bow. As this deterioration persists, solder and lead joints will eventually crack, and the partitions will break.

Inoperable Ventilators

Ventilators are both a mechanical and structural part of windows. There are many contributing factors to a poorly functioning vent. Some of these are water intrusion surrounding the frame, a build-up of paint, wood swelling which may force the vent rail to come out of the square, and sagging of the outer vent-frame.

When conducting a stained glass window analysis, ensure that you hire professionals who will check for all of the above mentioned conditions that may affect the beauty and health of your windows.

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