Acid Etched Glass Stairs in Green and Golden Patterns

Decorative Glass Stairs: Making one step at a time

In recent years transparent mediums and especially glass stairs  became a trendy commodity and many leading designers approaching manufacturers to find new places to utilize this specialty product. Modern spiral stairs Our team sees increasing interest in using spiral stairs in new award winning installations and projects. The most fascinating space in the modern glass … Read more

Deep Carved Glass Table Top With Multicolored Colored Squares

Custom Glass Table

Our team of designers and glass experts is here to help you understand everything you need to know before deciding on ordering a custom glass table tops. When ordering glass table it is important to consider several points: – First decide on the overall size and shape of the table. Our production facilities offers options … Read more

Deep Carved Art Glass Murals with Floral and Abstract Designs by Palace of Glass

Glass Backsplash: Installation and styles overview

Photo№1 - Glass Tiles Backsplash 104

Glass backsplashes became the latest trend in the home interior solutions. Numerous design magazines has been recently saturated with the fashionable presentations, and amongst those kitchen glass backsplashes are really an eye catchers!

Shapes and Styles of glass sculpture

Glass from ceiling to the floor Working with glass ceiling increasingly becomes the trend of urban architecture. Finding a proper house yourself in the current real estate market has become very difficult, even finding a spacious apartment is extremely expensive. The inhabitants of major metropolis cities are always looking for cheaper and easier ways that … Read more

Frameless Shower PGA106

Frameless glass in applications

In contemporary world stand alone transparent media used in many different architectural solutions: walls, partitions, showers and even stairs. Frameless glass became the style of trendy architecture with the use ranging from structural elements of buildings to stylish structured out of stacked glass. Frameless glass shower enclosures became widely available and used within the last decades, … Read more

The image of a golden flower carved into brown tile.

Glass tile and custom backsplash

The use of glass tile is probably one of the first types of interior design that was known to contemporary humanity. People always liked the idea of creating images from existing colored materials that then turned into mosaic decorations. Ceramic and glass floor tile  has been used for centuries and made their way into any … Read more

Glass Door PGC140

Options and some hints on Glass Door ordering

Contemporary glass doors come in different styles and fashions but mostly can be divided into following categories. Divided by style of appearance and frame Framed wooden or steel door will have an opening where some custom glasswork is being inserted. The trend is to call them glass craft doors, despite the fact that they situated … Read more

Carved Glass Decor Showers

Shower Glass: transparent art or practical decision?

[ig_row][ig_column span=”span12″ css_suffix=”col-sm-12″][ig_text] There are several main reasons to use shower glass in your bathroom: transparent surface will provide very trendy look and feel to the environment and protect bathroom floor from extra exposure to water. Nothing like specialty of frameless glass will provide unique privacy and yet let the natural light to come into … Read more


Architectural Art Glass

There is a wide variety and styles in architectural glass works these days, spanning from trends of clean and transparent look to fascinating sculptures. In the former years practical use of glass was limited to window applications, contemporary trends mix it with other media or provide solutions never before possible to architectural glass manufacturers. In many … Read more

Deep Carved Art Glass Murals with Floral and Abstract Designs by Palace of Glass

Art Glass as a form of creative expression

Art Glass as a Medium of Expression Art glass is a captivating and dynamic form of creative expression that has captured the imaginations of artists and enthusiasts alike. It encompasses a wide range of techniques and styles, offering limitless possibilities for artists to explore and communicate their ideas. Artists working with glass can employ various … Read more

Acid Etched and Carved Glass Table Top With Abstract Designs In Turquoise And Gray

Etched Glass: Working with the surface

Etched Glass is a technique of creating patterns on glass by using external force or corrosive material. It existed for centuries but became widely available in the Europe in mid-1700s. Around 1630’s, diamond engraving invented to be used on mirrors to achieve the etching became in high demand by royal architecture. In the mid-1800 it … Read more

Small bathroom window blue with pink flowers and green leaves design _„_ PGC561

Trends for Designer Glass: Contemporary solutions

Many new ways of working with designer glass appeared possible to the interior designers. Applications are vary and range from designer glass panels to carved murals and sculptures. Our production expertise includes carved, etched, stacked and other types of architectural trends. From start to finish we will help you with the process of conceptualization and … Read more

Custom Glass Butterfly PGC427

Custom Glass : From imagination to reality

Oftentimes so much in efficiency of your business or peace of household depends on interior and exterior looks of your location. Even if your building seems boring and old fashioned, you do not need to redesign your entire space to get a bright new look. All that you require to be on the cutting edge … Read more