In recent years transparent mediums and especially glass stairs  became a trendy commodity and many leading designers approaching manufacturers to find new places to utilize this specialty product.

Image of spiral glass stairs design in contemporary hall
Glass stairs design

Modern spiral stairs

Image of glass stairs in spiral shape
Glass stairs spiral design

Our team sees increasing interest in using spiral stairs in new award winning installations and projects. The most fascinating space in the modern glass stairs production are balustrades and flooring.

Glass stairs have advantage in maintenance as they require simple cleaning and various supplies can be used without concern of damaging the design. Our company will help understand your vision and facilitate with the best practical solution. Palace of Glass will help you create consistent look in your interior by creating custom and unique glass staircases and railings.

Safety concerns when ordering

Laminated Glass Stairs

When ordering products please consider safety issues: surface needs to meet safety standards and, in the case of flooring, needs to be laminated. For some cases double lamination is sufficient; however it is recommended to laminate at least 3 layers for stairs and flooring. Each section needs to be tempered as well.

Glass panel stairs are also a great development in the industry where each step is laminated and provide structural support and needed safety for application. Our craftsman laminate up to five layers of glass designing the thickness and look per your requirements.

Another concern is the slippery factor. As we all understand smooth surfaces might become extremely dangerous if slipped on. Spilled liquids are not always visible and can create potential hazard and danger.

If the client chooses some pattern to be visible on the steps or railing around, our artisans will carve and texture the very bottom layer of the step, thus keeping it not exposed to stepping, but at the same time creating visual impression.

As transparent medium allows to see through the layers of lamination, carving and texturing done for visual reasons is better saved on the bottom section of the step unit.

From design concept to execution by a manufacturer

Glass Surface PGB126

Glass stairs railing PGB126
Glass stairs railing PGB126

While the idea of glass for stairs existed for a long time and some

applications were there in the industry before, it is the new styles of stair treads that are etched or carved on smooth surface that make the use of this product practical rather than an awkward design solution.

Our design team will advise on design patterns that can be applied to the surface. Client can choose subtle lines carved on the edge of the unit or they can become some etched patterns incorporated in the concept of the product.

One stop solution for stairs and railings

Our craftsman offer variety of solution in regards to glass stairs design and railings. Our team offers ideas that will make your stairs transparent or with some etching. If client wants to get creative, we will carve and paint patterns, turning your flooring into art presentation.

All our designer products are custom produced on order and can be adjusted as needed; sizes and colors specified, cut per templates provided, create holes and cutouts if needed.

Decorative Art Glass Railing Pattern GC207
Decorative Art Glass Railing Pattern GC207



Transaprent Etched Abstract Design Glass Stairs PGA418

Seeing a glass table in the environment is not a fascination anymore like it has been just a century ago. In the several decades design industry has seen rapid expansion with many new products arriving to our homes and professional interiors.

One other such application that we have seen recently expand from random design explorers into a category on it own is custom glass table tops. Tables and flat surfaces are such an important functional element of any environment and making it out of transparent medium can serve several purposes at the same time.




What to expect when ordering table top glass?

In recent years our designers have seen increase in demand for surfaces where the tabletop would feature a particular pattern or design on it’s surface. Design is then carved and painted from the bottom side, making the top smooth and polished.

Deep Carved Glass Panel PGA488
Deep Carved Glass Panel PGA488

Cleaning and maintenance

Image of a Man Cleaning a Round Shaped Glass Table Top
Glass Table Cleaning

Contemporary glass dining table give you an advantage of easy cleaning. The dirt is easily seen and can be removed by applying cleaning materials without damaging the panel. Make sure the top surface has no designs on it and all patterns are applied from the bottom side.

Designer Glass Table Insert
Designer Glass Table Insert

Since with transparent medium it really make no difference from which side to look at the pattern, you not losing anything on presentation, carving on the bottom side of the table comes through very naturally from the smooth top side. Please be considerate of elements around it. If you are planning on using it for family gathering with a lot of toddlers that might be banging their spoons on the table top you might end up with some dents on it.

Important consideration is scratching the surface of the top. Many manufacturers can provide invisible finish for decorative products that will give surface some protection, still nothing will prevent it from getting scratched if come in contact with some metal objects.

Another production option is the cast or slumped countertops. In that option production is done from one slab melted over a casted mold for texturing. It usually has more rustic design and sometimes rougher polished edges. 

Another popular style often used for tables and countertops is “cracked ice” glass. It is done by laminating three layers of glass together and then cracking or ‘icing’ the middle panel. Naturally tempered glass shatters into many segments, but the lamination resin and the other two panels are holding it all together as one unit, fit for interior design and practical use. See some images of the cracked ice designs:


Cracked Ice glass edge
Cracked Ice glass edge
Cracked Glass Stairs
Cracked Glass Stairs
Cracked Glass Coffee Table
Cracked Glass Coffee Table


Things to know when ordering glass for table tops

When ordering glass tops for tables it is important to consider several points:

Designer glass table
Designer art glass table

  – the overall size and shape: it can be any shape you need it, round, oval, triangular, etc…

– the thickness. Interior designers are often tend to get thicker tables, going up to 1” thickness. It is  not recommended to making glass table that is less than ½” thick. Below is the most commonly used standards for glass thickness.

– Beveled edges: the sides of the table will be visible and therefore it is important that you select the style of finishing for the edge, that will fit your need and style.

Please visit our FAQ for visual help on selecting the right beveling and edges for you. Here is a quick visual reference for the types of glass table edges that exist, contact to confirm availability of particular style per selected design when ordering with Palace of Glass.

– Safety: please make sure that the investment you are making will meet the safety standards and be either tempered or laminated.

It is often seen that for production of Glass for table tops clear prefabricated flat glass sheet is cut and turned into a kitchen countertop or as cabinet glass doors.

Vineyard Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet Design PGC546
Vineyard Glass Inserts for Kitchen Cabinet Design PGC546
Deep Carved Glass Partition with Tropical Parrots Design PDV101
Deep Carved Glass Partition with Tropical Parrots Design PDV101

Glass paneling has unique qualities that can enhance and beautify any interior if tastefully combined with glass tables and other surfaces, magic of this medium is that it has special ability to perform function but remain somewhat invisible and not obstruct space or vision.

Among the latest trends we can name transparent wall structures, stairs, and railings. Even transparent ceilings became an architectural solution for many innovative projects.

Our design team will be happy to look into your next architectural project that might require glass paneling or countertops and will advise you on the best solution in the industry. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


Drawing from the tradition of glass-makers

Stained Glass Instalation
Stained Glass Installation

Stained glass has a history that spans more than a thousand years. In this article we reflects on the history of this product. Like most art forms, stained glass require particular pattern to arrive at its artistic form. Having potency to reflect and change light, art glass quickly became understood as the important mood and ambience tool. Many historians attribute revival of European cultures with the use of colored glass for the spiritual gatherings.

Around 1450’s new stain called Cousin’s rose was implemented to create flesh tones. From 1600s onwards, many glass designs were utilizing stains that were made from crushed particles. In the 1700s, stained glass evolved from cutting glass pieces to directly painting on the panels that were like tiles. Special  paints containing Arabic gum, crushed glass, and copper filings mixed with vinegar and wine are used to color the surfaces. With time newer stains got introduced. For instance, yellow hue would be produced from silver nitrate. It would be first turned into a paint and then fired. Our approach is to combine carving by sandblasting deeply into the glass and then applying design and coloring over the created outlines in the texture. Artisans find that as the best way to create design so dimensional and textured. All designs are handcrafted  and customizable to sizes as needed.

Stained Glass Wall
Stained Glass Wall

Glass sketches and  design layouts

Stained Glass Scetch
Stained Glass Sketch

Starting with the initial phase of creative process exact dimensions are required. Sometimes, when the opening is odd shaped it is better to create a template out of paper or wood. Next, a pattern or design concept is decided upon. Before moving into production a black and white outlined sketch is offered to the homeowner. Small sample can be manufactured to combine the textures together and verify the appearance of the finished window, mural, partition, or stained glass front door.

Stained Glass Windows
Stained Glass Windows

Some company will provide you a pre-production sketch for all the design layouts before sending it for production.

Traditional designs might include narrative or depict a story. A figurative stained glass wall art may depict saints and other religious figures. Often mottoes and scriptural texts are also included. Contemporary designs are quite different and include lots of themes and patterns from world culture.

For generations craftsman around the world mastered the science of working with glass. The craft of staining was very complicated. For each opening a detailed preview sketch was drawn. Sketch was subdivided into patchworks, working as exact reference for each segment. Then, lead framing positioning would be determined. All cut out pieces will be assembled into one unit for final installation. In the contemporary industry we see tendency to use alternative of carved glass in many applications.There we do not need to create many pieces and try to hold them together by a frame, rather we work with one piece, that we carve into and create textures. With traditional glass-work colored pieces are carefully selected and matched to the sketch. A grozing tool often used to work on the sides of the product creating edges.

Mounting and Assembly of glass paneling

When creating traditional stained glass, after cutting the panel individual pieces are put together into H-sectioned lead slots. The joints are then soldered to prevent rattling. An oily cement is then applied between each lead slot or came to make the window weatherproof. Modern artists when creating stained glass for sale utilize copper instead of lead.

Stained Glass Production
Stained Glass Production

Selection and Painting

Carved and Painted Glass panel PGA301
Carved and Painted Glass panel PGA301

Palace of Glass style of stained glass is produced out of one flat piece of glass that is carved and stained by enameled paints. Custom developed process allows our artisans to combine carving of the outlines of images with the coloring afterwards. As a result textures of the images are not merely drawings on the glass but dimensional textures.

 Details such as figures and background textures could be applied later by enamel paints and then heat treated to absorb the coloring into the textured surface of the glass.

 In our company we do not use any lead related products, all our enameled based paints are environmentally friendly. We also do not combine product from different pieces, but use one solid panel on which we then carve different designs and elements. That makes this architectural product much stronger, safer, and better looking. We think this is a better alternative to many glass needs.

We will be happy to customize any existing design that you see in our catalog; check with us for stained glass panels.

             Contact for a free consultation!


Glass backsplash is an easy and affordable way to instantly enhance your kitchen or bathroom design, numerous design magazines has been recently saturated with the fashionable presentations, and among those kitchen glass backsplashes are really an eye catchers!

Glass backsplashes are an easy and affordable way to instantly enhance your kitchen or bathroom design; when inserted among tiles they immediately become a centerpiece of your interior.

Functional and trendy looking

glass backsplash kitchen solution

Glass becomes the material of the choice for kitchens and bathrooms because it is easy to clean and it often withstands certain temperature and moisture. To create such a panel our artisans carve it on the back, leaving the front surface smooth and unaltered. Then, the panel is heat processed to make it “ tempered”, and after that painted with pattern, picture, or solid color. The carved side normally facing the wall thus protecting the pattern and paint.

Still Life Decor
Still Life Decor

How to install?

It is important to decide how you will be installing the solid glass backsplash before ordering it. Our production team can cut holes for installing it on the metal standoffs or it may be framed into metal or glued to the wall. If decided to glue to the wall, please consider using specialty non-acidic glue or silicon for use with the mirrors. Since the backsplash is painted from the back, paint will interact with the glue or silicon and may change colors. Mirror silicon is created with non-acidic base to not damage the silvering of the mirrors. Most often our client choose to use metal stand offs for installation.

Designer Walll Panel PGC251
Designer Wall Panel PGC25

 Production house for contemporary ideas

Palace of Glass provides over 300 different glass backsplash ideas and patterns that could all be customized and transferred to your interior to create an instant sensation. All our products are made on order and can be customized as needed: designs can be changed or altered, colors can be adjusted per provided swatches. Our specialists will work with you on providing outline sketches to show you a preproduction view on how the finished product will look like. Colors can be matched using swatches from common manufacturers.

Nature In Glass
Nature In Glass

We specialize in hand crafting and painting our panels, but we are not printing images with the machine printer. Some clients choose solid colors, some like variety of elements in their interior.

Murals for Hotel Entrance
Carved Glass Columns and Murals for Hotel Entrance

 Our company uses deep carving, acid etching, and grinding to create award winning design solutions. Choose from our existing library of designs or create your own concept and have us transfer that into glass. We are looking forward to hearing from you about your next designer project!


Glass from ceiling to the floor

Working with glass ceiling increasingly becomes the trend of urban architecture. Finding a proper house yourself in the current real estate market has become very difficult, even finding a spacious apartment is extremely expensive. The inhabitants of major metropolis cities are always looking for cheaper and easier ways that would help their small apartments appear spacious and well-lit. To meet this need the contemporary architects, interior designers, and decorators have shifted to the trend of incorporating transparent mediums in their designs. Newer and better forms of architectural paneling are used to decorate interiors. Smooth and transparent surfaces became the prime choice for designers to give the homes a high-tech look. Glass is now not just incorporated into the windows and as mirrors but it has taken over the entire house from ceiling to the floor.


Meeting the needs for structural support

Glass is a very user-friendly material and it can be recycled and reused, so it is more eco-friendly. WIth the development of the industry many new ways appear to make your environment both safe and trendy. With the innovations in design and production architectural paneling can now become as tough and sturdy as any other building material. Using transparent mediums in the ceilings and walls really adds height, dimension, and light to your rooms.

We here to help from start to finish

At the production house we cater to all the creative needs of our clients. If you want to add a special feature to your home and lit up the environment with the some glass ceiling, we have all the solutions you need. From conceptualization to finish we give our clients a variety of options to choose from. They can go for a ceiling made of high-quality clear paneling or a ceiling with a beautiful pattern or serene scene of nature or clouds. Carved designs and panels are also a very popular choice among our clients. Research shows that people work better under natural light; they tend to happier and more productive. Clear or illuminated mediums in the ceilings allow light to enter the rooms. They will improve the brightness of the environment and make it look more spacious. If used in residential construction, it will enhance the homely feel of your house/apartment. The glass filters the rays of the sun, and you can choose from our vast types of designs that fits your specific requirements. Incorporating natural lighting effect into the walls and ceilings will decrease the need for artificial lighting in your home and ease the load of heavy electricity bills on our customers.

Historic use of transparent windows

Stained panels are also a good option for walls and ceilings as they incorporate the grandeur and beauty of the stained glass windows in churches into your homes. They allow for beautiful colors and exquisite looks. The image can be a landscape, a complex scene or even an abstract design. Due to the endless number of options in styles and colors available for etching or carving, our clients have a chance to really personalize their house with innovative alternative to lead and stain. An additional benefit is that unlike clear paneling it does not make dirt noticeable so there is lesser need for cleaning and maintenance. A mosaic made out of colorful tiles can make a very artistic and striking ceiling but will not allow the light to come through and most often seen opaque. At our production house clients are free to choose any type of pattern for any style of ceiling they want. We will not be helping you with installation, but can advise on the standards and safety requirements.


In contemporary world stand alone transparent media used in many different architectural solutions: walls, partitions, showers and even stairs. Frameless glass became the style of trendy architecture with the use ranging from structural elements of buildings to stylish structured out of stacked glass. Frameless glass shower enclosures became widely available and used within the last decades, when the fabrication of the sheets of glass became possible. Here at Palace of Glass we offer the latest from the industry trend and can advise you on frameless shower glass applications.


Styles of Enclosures by Production

Custom Shower Doors
Custom Shower Doors

Most popular styles of frameless glass showers will include cast or slumped and carved or etched glass. The first one is made out of sheet of silica melted over a mold in a process called slumping. The other style is made out of prefabricated sheet glass that is then carved by sandblasting, the process of shooting very fine sand onto the smooth surface. The first process makes the texture that if less predictable but more artistic looking, it is good for certain applications. We find in recent years trends seems to shift to carved surfaces, that allow more artistic expression and much more versatile in final look of the product.

Transparency as a trend in style

Glass becomes increasingly popular medium in modern day design. It is rare to see a contemporary building without some transparent walls or partitions being introduced on exterior or interior of the building. For many frameless sliding glass shower doors became a way to combine a practical need with the desire to take part in the creating environment around yourself. Our design team can come up with custom designs and help understand feasibility of your project.


Mounting frameless glass

Most often we find that designers like to mount glass paneling on the stand offs, mounted on the wall on the metal brackets that would go through the depth of the panel and come out on the front side of installation. Not always desired look in terms of seeing the system of suspension, but there are ways to hide and make the brackets look as part of the design.  Glass has unique ability to let the natural lighting in, but at the same time serve the function of dividing the space, absorbing the noise and serving the privacy. Glass shower doors frameless is also simple to maintain and clean. Since it does not have any metal grooves supporting it, dirt and debris do not accumulate there. Walls and partitions become attractive by the neat and clean look that they offer. Transparent partitions without the framework around them become the popular way to create instant privacy in a work or home space. Slabs of prefabricated glass are connected together with some hinges and then fixed to the floor or ceiling by some metal brackets for safety. Stacked glass can be glued together by UV type of adhesive.


With frameless consider safety twice

We recommend that all installations be either tempered or laminated. In case of breakage tempered panel will collapse into small non sharpened pieces, laminated glass will not fall apart and will remain in one place. Laminated panels has tendency to get a little heavier, since two pieces are being connected together, but probably a safer solution for your project.

Please contact us for your latest project so that we can better assist you!


Glass Tile_100_1946
Glass Tile_100_1946

The use of glass tile is probably one of the first types of interior design that was known to contemporary humanity. People always liked the idea of creating images from existing colored materials that then turned into mosaic decorations. Ceramic and glass floor tile  has been used for centuries and made their way into any construction project these days. People started using colored and stained pieces of ceramics and then gradually developed ability to create large scale stained windows.

Difference between tile and backsplash

In many ways tiles and backsplashes are similar. Essentially backsplash is a large sized panel that has one side colored or textured and the other side attached to the wall or flooring. If you look at many glass tile backsplash pictures you can notice how generally backsplash would be a larger center piece and designer tiles would be surrounding it and supporting visually.

More often we see now how installing glass tile around a center piece brings a touch of customization and personality to your kitchen or bathroom. Some of them can be carved on the front surface, other painted from the back and sealed with a layer of thick paint.


Best ideas on maintenance and cleaning

Glass Tile_100_1946-2
Glass Tile_100_1946-2

Mostly used in the bathrooms and areas where exposure to water is prominent, smooth surfaces give you ability to clean and maintain them at the low cost. Designer texturing been around for some centuries but custom tiling is a relatively new trend in the designer market. In the recent years technology gave us ability to create variations of style and colors textures and manufacture them in quantities needed for larger markets.

Ordering custom glass tiles

When ordering custom work one need to consider:

– Space:   is your intent to make your space appear smaller or larger?  Larger pieces are more often used to make the space appear more spacious. A lot of small parts will create more of a mosaic look. Our team of craftsman at Palace of Glass can custom produce  glasswork of any size: as an insert or backsplash, or as individual small elements shaped by your template.

– Safety: Initial impulse is slippery pieces, since their surface is glossy and attractive, but do consider using specialty surfaces for flooring to avoid accidents.

– Patterns: consider if you want design to be in one solid color, or if you want some element to be in artistic and creative. Carving of the pattern will be done from the bottom of the tile, thus leaving the front surface smooth.

– Installation: we strongly recommend bringing a professional from glass tile store for your installation as there are many specifics that need to be addressed. Pieces need to be installed in an even pattern, using special non acidic silicon or glue is recommended to retain color quality.

Please feel free to consult Palace of Glass design team for all your needs in regards to custom installations. We have hands on experience on how to install glass tile backsplash and will be happy to share that knowledge to make your project a success!


Contemporary glass doors come in different styles and fashions but mostly can be divided into following categories.

Divided by style of appearance and frame

Laminated Glass Door OMC_115
Laminated Glass Door OMC_115

Framed wooden or steel door will have an opening where some custom glasswork is being inserted. The trend is to call them glass craft doors, despite the fact that they situated in the metal or wooden frame. The other style will be made out of slab of fabricated paneling without any framing around it. More commonly seen bathroom glass doors in the shower and bathroom environment. Such design will contain metal hardware and installation openings (cut-outs for hinges and door handles) on the surface. Laminated panels also becoming popular in use as glass front doors and are favored by many for the reasons of safety and strength. Special hardware becomes available from many manufacturers. When combining several sheets into one unit consider the overall weight of the panel and see appropriate hardware.

Contemporary developments of the industry

In recent years, with the advent of motorized doors, a new style of fashionable glass doors entered the market. Featuring combinations from two to many, sections can easily open on a click of a button and instantly create cozy environment in your home or workspace. Some variety feature complex units telescopically folding in and out and sliding to a complete open space without any frames visibly remaining on entrance. It is common to see the folding walls bent under a radius to create special curved appearance. Some prefer to leave the surfaces clear and transparent, others choose options to create designs and patterns on their installations. Our artisans can help you understand how to order and choose from numerous patterns and styles available in our catalog. Any design can be scaled or resized as needed as all work is hand created by world class craftsmen.

Interior use of partitions

Deep Carved Glass Design "Drop"
Deep Carved Glass Design “Drop” pga104

Some other common use of interior glass doors includes patio, pantry, kitchen cabinet, and fireplace screens. When ordering custom paneling our team will help you consider several important points:

–           make sure you are clear on the transparency of the pattern you choose for your project. Panels can be completely clear, semi transparent or opaque. Please see our website FAQ for samples of difference.

–           It is important to order  your products as a “ safety glass”, meaning it will come either tempered or laminated.

–           Make decision on the hardware you will use for the project beforehand and provide necessary cut out templates to insure it  will be furnished with the proper hardware.

–           If you are using the glass for in insert as glass pantry door or kitchen cabinet make sure you include some extra spacing required for securing and installing panel into the opening.

Our design house specializes in providing quality services in manufacturing variety of architectural glass products. All dimensions, shapes and colors can be adjusted per your specification. We can cut holes for handles and cut outs for hinges. Feel free to contact us for more details via online chat or by calling us directly.


There are several main reasons to use shower glass in your bathroom: transparent surface will provide very trendy look and feel to the environment and protect bathroom floor from extra exposure to water. Nothing like specialty of frameless glass will provide unique privacy and yet let the natural light to come into the space. It is also very easy to maintain and clean, using sponges you can easily remove all the unwanted debris from the surface. Glass shower enclosures becoming extremely popular in modern day living!


Doors and panels as continuous art

Oftentime designer will transfer pattern from door and spread it throughout the interior. Repeating designs can be seen in the windows of the bathroom for privacy and then copied in the glass paneling around your bathroom. Themes can vary from tropical leafs and landscapes of imagination to abstract patterns and sandblasted textures. Frameless glass shower enclosures can be done both by casting or sand blasting.


Glass shower panels do not need to be boring

Shower Glass insert PGC196
Shower Glass insert PGC196

Considering most of us will start our days by entering into the shower door, it is important to make it look in an inspiring and appealing to you way. Transparent medium allows you to add a touch of your personality without obstructing functional purpose of things. There are numerous options for doors in today’s architecture, but nothing like frameless sliding glass shower doors will make a statement about the design approach. Sometimes homeowners are concerned about a big glass door opening in and out in the small space. Creating sliding doors can be a perfect solution in that case.


Simple maintenance of your shower

While providing protection from extra water splashed on the bathroom floor, custom shower glass is very simply to clean. More often we see contemporary designers choosing to use doors without metal frames inside the enclosures, preventing soap and mildew accumulation behind the framing.


Creating bend forms in the shower enclosures

Palace of Glass provides varieties of options for the custom shower glass; most popular choices are etched, carved, or slumped glass. We have produced custom stalls  and environments with the enclosure having radius and being bent; we can also cut the holes and hinges as needed. Surface is being carved and tempered first and then slowly heat treated over a frame with a radius.

Safety with smooth surfaces

Bathroom Glass Window with Bublles Design PGC301
Bathroom Glass Window with Bubbles Design PGC301

It is important we talk about safety in the bathroom. For safety reasons we recommend making all shower as “ safety “ standard, meaning it needs to be either tempered or laminated. Glass shower doors frameless usually puts a lot of weight on the hinges, since it does not have a frame to support it and usually comes tempered. Paneling for the sides and windows can be laminated, if you want to protect yourself from accidentally breaking the sides and deal with many small fractured pieces. Tempered panel will shatter into many small pieces but laminated will not, remaining together attached to the clear transparent film in between the layers.

Our design team can help you provide continuous design running between the sections of the installation. Often one theme will start on first panel and them connect different sections of your enclosures into one consistent presentation. Palace of Glass designers can take any of the existing patterns and custom lay them out on the dimensions of the showers needed for your home.  As the part of the production we will provide sketches specifying how each element will be positioned; it will also have an accurate placing of all the cut outs and special shapes needed.


Architectural Glass PGA202
Architectural Glass PGA202

There is a wide variety and styles in architectural glass works these days, spanning from trends of clean and transparent look to fascinating sculptures. In the former years practical use of glass was limited to window applications, contemporary trends mix it with other media or provide solutions never before possible to architectural glass manufacturers. In many different ways architectural medium became extremely popular in the past century creating a new trend in interior design and new style of construction that was possible. If in the beginning of the century the world became fascinated by the structures of steel and concrete, few decades later a new wonder of construction strengths glass paneling that was capable of becoming walls and sometimes even floors and ceilings.

Surfaces and options

With different types of glass products available on the designer market, it is important to understand a few basic facts about surfaces and sides. As architectural glass panels can be faced both ways it is important to consult with your interior designer on which side will carry what function. Carved or etched surface becomes the textured or front side. But since the medium is transparent it can have effect from both sides. As a matter of fact sometimes artisan will create his work in such a way that representation from the smooth side becomes more spectacular.


Dual panel carved glass units

Interesting solution to present glass work was found via medium of installing carved panel inside a dual pane unit. Textured side would be facing the inside of the unit thus creating an interesting visual dimensional effect. This is a perfect idea for installing your LED lighting to create that special looking designer center piece. Often times glass blocks or insulated units will be installed in the flooring sections. Etched strips or textures are recommended for safety concern; our design team can come up with various options on how to make these architectural glass products both appealing and safe.

Edges and Bevels of paneling

When ordering online make sure you select the right kind of edge for your product. Edges need to be polished meaning that corners will be put through a polishing machine that will cut all the imperfections and create smooth “ beveling”. Bevel of glass can be of different styles; with round edges or cut in segments like the corners of diamonds. The thickness or the length of the cutting edge will also determine the look of your glass installation.

Some tips on laminated glass

When laminated, it’s important to see that both pieces exactly match each other in location and the combination of two pieces does not add any extra dimension to the size of panel. If you should decide to drill holes in your glass for installation, you would need to do so before laminating. Once laminated it is not possible to add any additional holes or cut outs to the unit. Cutting to shape or template, drilling holes, making cut outs for hinges, all that needs to be done before sending the piece for tempering or lamination. Carving or etching also recommended to do before. Palace of Glass is a one stop architectural glass company that can help you to understand what options are possible and practical for you. Don’t hesitate to call for a question.


When making design decisions related to glasswork, please contact our specialists who can turn an object that seems rather mundane into a work of art glass. Our artisans know how to use this material as the artistic medium. Glasswork is essentially processing of refined sands under extreme temperatures and creating objects in the process. Weather the outcome will be stain glass art or a fused bowl, the process of creating a solid objects out of melted substance is always fascinating.

Mental Space for working with designer glass

PGA249_PGA302_Art Glass Open Window
PGA249_PGA302_Art Glass Open Window

Creators of glass art for sale have been found throughout history and many of their pieces still exist today. When you speak to these artists you will find that many see spiritual depth in the pieces they create. Many say that the creation becomes an extension of their personalities and though many of the designs they make may look simple. Artists never know when they will become inspired to create and they never know when the creation will creep into their subconscious. When a vision of a project enters their mind they work to produce a visionary piece that makes the viewer of the finished project truly contemplate what the artist was trying to convey.




From art on glass to working deep with the medium

Some centuries ago glasswork meant mostly adding hues into the texture of the medium to produce various stains then heat treat them into the surface. Also craftsmen painted objects on the surface for various religious offerings. In a sense glasswork was not really an art then, but more of a craft to express visuals. It is changing rapidly nowadays, where material itself becomes part of the presentation. Often times panels will be textured by sandblasting and deep carving and the designs and images would be applied after. Thus the medium needs to be prepared and match the artwork that you decide to apply to it.


Sandblasting and carving

PGC189_Contemporary Glass Window
PGC189_Contemporary Glass Window

To help create depth and intrigue in the piece, another process can also be used: from drawing on the panel to altering the texture and depth. We have a team of experienced craftsmen; many of these world known artisans studied the art of making glass in Europe and bring tradition into the contemporary industry space. This procedure can give you the appearance of an object and make piece stand out when worked properly with art glass lightingArt glass is not necessarily only used for a gallery. There are also very practical applications for decorative paneling that are also fully customizable. Many businesses can incorporate this new medium into the business designs. This type of designer signage could be used to show off a logo of the company or perhaps as a centerpiece for the business’s lobby. Many times businesses use glass dividers that can help to keep the area feeling light and yet have separate private sections. Find out how you can incorporate this unique material into your office or home and contact our experienced team for an advice!


Decorative glass always attracted artisans as a medium for expression. It is a unique material in a sense that it is hard in nature but transparent to light. It can be transformed into various shapes and mixed with colors. Combining traditional wisdom of creating carvings on transparent textures with hi-tech machinery for pre and post production of designer paneling, Palace of Glass is a world known production house. Modern day interior designers have so many options and opportunities to make their projects special. Vast varieties of new materials allows flexibility of production and feasibility. Even though remaining essentially the same medium by so many technologies that developed around it artisans can think big now and allow their imagination to soar high.

Deep Carved Glass Panel "Two Birds" PGC181
Deep Carved Glass Panel “Two Birds” PGC181


Glass Decorative Tray Butterfly
Glass Decorative Tray Butterfly

Glass became widely used in many kitchen applications; we use it for salad bowls and cooking trays. With the ability to temper it became more durable and heat resistant. We often see oven doors having a fire resistant glass. Recently our design team received several orders from hospitality and restaurant owners for decorative glass cutting boards. In many high end catering events it is considered part of the presentation to serve food on related design pattern.

Entry doors and some related notes

Decorative Glass Door Ocean Waves PGC550
Decorative Glass Door Ocean Waves PGC550

Decorative glass entry doors can be done in several fashions. Some can feature frameless door that will be attached on one side to hinges. Most often for safety concerns you would want to laminate or at least temper that door. When laminating try to use lighter decorative glass door inserts as the door will become heavier with each layer of laminated texture. Another solution will be to make designer partitions out of glass. The door can remain made from wood or metal but inserts can be custom produced for you. Decorative glass interior doors is another very popular design decision when transparency between the sections of the space can become an issue.

Churches and religious buildings

Decorative glass always been an inspiration to humanity. Our team of designers have experience in providing varieties of devotional projects facilitating it’s conceptualization, concept drawing, and layout suggestions. Based on your input and vision we would create pre-production sketch that would show you the layout of all the elements of the design. We find it is practical to color code designs on the layout with color swatches; there are several ways to reference those.

Not just a decoration!

With contemporary development of glass industry more and more opportunities come to designers and enthusiasts as well. This amazing medium becomes not just a mere decoration of the interior, rather it becomes functional element that can carry the aesthetic value. So many elements in contemporary building can be made out of it – walls and ceilings, stairs and railings. Only your imagination can stop you from using your favorite medium in making the environment around yourself the way you want it.


Etched Glass is a technique of creating patterns on glass by using external force or corrosive material. It existed for centuries but became widely available in the Europe in mid-1700s. Around 1630’s, diamond engraving invented to be used on mirrors to achieve the etching being in high demand by royal architecture. In the mid-1800 it became popular in drinking establishments where visitors could feel private while taking advantage of natural lighting. Victorian and Edwardian traditions quickly adopted the style, and soon enough copper wheel engraving became widely used. There the surface was cut with a copper wheel or disk rotated in a lathe. It quickly became the trend of the day, and many home enthusiast became experimenting with etched glass in their home studios.

Etched Glass OMC_145
Etched Glass OMC_145

Decorative glass etching in this century

In the late 1920’s, a mold-etch process got introduced in where the designs were etched in the mold so the art was directly transferred to the medium. Another type of glass etching becoming around that era was glue chipping where adhesive is being applied to the surface that shrinks when drying and causing the surface to peel off in particular pattern.

Abrasive Sandblasting

Ability to manipulate with the compressed air allowed craftsmen to master abrasive sandblasting. Shooting the air through a thin nozzle allows to apply very fine particles of sand unto the glass surface to create texturing and shapes. When kept on the same spot for some time pressured sand will create a deeper engraving; also artisan can change the pressure with which air if coming out of sandblasting pen. Usually craftsmen would separate sections wanted for processing with masking tape.

Options for etching on glass

Etched Glass Door OMC_140
Etched Glass Door OMC_140

In modern world etched patterns can be seen on windows, partitions, even glassware. Some decades ago laser etched glass was introduced allowing amazing technical capabilities of etching inside the blocks or dimensional sculptures.

New possibilities opened when water jet cutting allowed glass to be cut in cold environment with a very precise definition and ability to cut curves. It became widely used in signage and logo production. Combined with deep carving or fusing this industrial application becomes also an artistic expression.

While most etching will simply touch the surface of glass, our team of artisans is well known for carving that is also done by similar process of applying pressured sand onto the surface. Difference here is that we do not simply scratch the surface to create an image but we go into the texture of the panel to make it dimensional. That is how all our award winning designs looks so strikingly alive!

Palace of Glass is an award winning production crew that will help you with your needs for design glass from start to finish. We will help understand the styles and kinds of etched glass suitable for your project; contact us for free consultation today!


Deep Caved Glass Panel PGA204
Deep Caved Glass Panel PGA204

Many new ways of working with designer glass appeared possible to the interior designers. Applications are vary and range from designer glass panels to carved murals and sculptures. Our production expertise includes carved, etched, stacked and other types of architectural trends. From start to finish we will help you with the process of conceptualization and bringing your vision into reality. Glass industry expands it’s technical abilities year by year, especially in the field of designer glass works. If several centuries ago working with this medium mostly meant being a stained glass artist or blowing the substance in heat ovens, contemporary trend involves so many dimensions as carving and etching, working with prints, using LED lighting inside paneling, and other styles of production.

Interior Designers shift to designer glass applications

Back Carved Glass Design pattern "Red Roses" PGA256
Back Carved Glass Design pattern “Red Roses” PGA256

This is equally relevant to both residential and commercial glass industry. In recent years we have seen increase in interest of possibilities of working with transparent mediums from both interior designers and architects. Not so long ago ordering eclectic designer glass doors was considered unorthodox decision; now we are receiving orders for designer glass coffee tables from large coffee shop chains.

 Glass is a natural product that is derived out of sand and has been used by humanity since time immemorial. We believe in leaving a low carbon footprint in the environment by our production processes. Our company utilizes all latest technologies in contemporary production to make our work as green as possible. Being unique medium in a sense that it is both transparent and hard in its solid form glass offers room for creativity. With the advancement of technology it becomes more durable and efficient medium. Lamination of glass panels can turn them into stronger building units, tempering will increase safety and add structural strength.

Transparent glass walls let more energy into your space

Many discovered the ability of glass to let more air and space and start using that for creating new style of urban architecture. Since the middle of XX century this material became a fashionable element in interior design. Creating huge wall of transparent medium allowed letting so much more brighter energy into the buildings. It created a sensational understanding on how being inside space without enough connection to daylight can decrease your efficiency and depress the mood. Many companies start utilizing wall paneling out of transparent mediums for many reasons both aesthetic and practical. Designer glass partitions can be quick and efficient way to divide a new workspace. They are good for creating privacy but still maintaining a feel of team within a workspace.

Laminating for strength

There is a well known folk story about how separated individually straws are easy to break but when gathered into a broom create so much strength by reinforcing each other that become practically unbreakable. Similar concept is true with laminated glass. Assembling layers of flat surfaces together and then gluing them together by a thin layer of resin creates a variety of product called laminated glass. Depending on the desired strength and limitation on the thickness of the unit several layers of glass can be laminated together. We see that often done in applications where burglary or fire hazard can be a concern. Combined into many layers this surface become practically impossible to break through.

Colored or Textured?

With so many technical options it becomes hard sometimes to choose the style of designer glass needed for the project. Shall you print on it or hand paint the object? Shall the installations be laminated or framed? Applying paint over textured piece gives much more flexibility in artistic deliverance; objects can be much more detailed and resemble the quality of a photo. When “backed” or heat treated paints become darker in color and sometimes lose their fine detailing. The paints will stay longer and withstand exposure to moisture better.


Oftentimes so much in efficiency of your business or peace of household depends on interior and exterior looks of your location. Even if your building seems boring and old fashioned, you do not need to redesign your entire space to get a bright new look. All that you require to be on the cutting edge of décor and design is to have a custom glass product fitted and installed in your home or office. The variety and options are as limitless as your imagination. Create elegant moods, exquisite ambience, and visual inspiration with custom glass table top, doors, and dressing tables. Our product line includes hundreds of existing designs and we can help you bring your own idea from imagination onto glass! Have a custom glass shower door in mind? We can help you make it happen! Any of our designs can be adjusted to color and elements. We can create custom cutouts for handles and hinges.


Out With The Old

Our custom glass solutions can be applied both commercial and residential. Is your office or business lacking the inspiration and exuberance it requires? Then it sounds like you might need our artisans to give you some creative ideas on custom sliding glass doors for the company’s main entrance.

An Eye For The New

Thanks to combining old traditions and modern technology we have moved into exciting creative times. Gone are the days when custom glass was used merely for windows and an occasional entry door. This material has become a functional and fabulous piece of customized art that can be seen everywhere from custom glass cabinet doors to retail and office spaces. Most use of glass we see in spaces like. Do you desire custom glass panels that are opaque or designed with patterns and images that will enhance any setting? Or perhaps you need partitions with the same that will continue to entrance any visitor or patron to your establishment? Does your bedroom require a graceful designer window to enrich the sense of calm and relaxation? Nowadays, all these and so much more are easy for the experts to design and install. Our online order processing helps users to create and follow step by step process.

Do you desire custom glass panels that are opaque or designed with patterns and images that will enhance any setting? Or perhaps you need partitions with the same that will continue to entrance any visitor or patron to your establishment? Does your bedroom require a graceful designer window to enrich the sense of calm and relaxation? Nowadays, all these and so much more are easy for the experts to design and install. Our online order processing helps users to create and follow step by step process.


  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Dining areas
  • Hospitality
  • Restaurants
  • Retail
  • Office design

See The Quality

Decorative Glass Back Maple Leafs splash PGA206-9 behind the stove

Palace of Glass specializes in bringing your creative dreams to life through the medium and magic of glass production. Our professional team will work closely with you as we offer you support in the following:

  • The latest in design ideas and techniques
  • Helping understanding feasibility of custom glass
  • Networking with the other designers on the project in professional terms
  • Modern, imaginative craftsmanship
  • A portfolio of luxurious completed installations and sample products
  • Quality fitment and world references
  • Secure packaging and worldwide shipment

Contact Palace of Glass today for the most innovative selection of solutions that are available on the market today. We can help you create concept and then see it happen; innovative and professional our team will deliver the best in industry.